The Advantages of Visionary Leadership in Organizations

Classical Management theories mention two kinds of leadership styles: the task oriented leadership and the people oriented leadership. The trick is the ability to combine both styles of leadership in a synergistic fashion. Too much task orientedness will create a lot of output but may tend to alienate employees. Too much people orientedness may foster closeness and yet may tend to sacrifice the quantity and the quality of output. The best way to combine both is through visionary leadership.

What is Visionary Leadership?

Visionary Leadership is where all employees are empowered because they have already owned for themselves the vision of their leader. The leader has already planted the seeds of the organizational vision in their hearts. And this vision is growing. There is contagion in the vision as it brings together the whole organization around a sense of purpose and mission. The more powerful the vision is, the more cohesive and committed the individual members of the organization are. This vision which is exemplified by the leader must be all consuming so as to bring out the best in people even in the most challenging times.
This vision must be powerful so as to encourage everybody to rise up to the call of the vision and spend their lives in a single minded pursuit of this vision. Visionary leadership aligns all people in its organization to share this higher purpose and work for the goals with creativity, joy, and inspiration, and imagination.

What are the advantages of Visionary Leadership?

• Visionary leadership integrates the task orientation style and people orientation style of leadership in a qualitatively new level of performance. People will perform tasks because they are happy to do them as they are inspired by the vision. In the same manner, the whole organization will have a certain degree of semi “religious” cohesiveness and a sense of solidarity because they share a common cause.
• Visionary leadership brings out the best in people and make them perform beyond their imagined limitations. People will be happy not only because their leader is the best but because they have become their best selves because of their leader.
• In Visionary Leadership, the mechanisms of control such as rewards and punishments become internal rather than external. People would want to do things right because they understand it in their hearts and not because of some external monetary rewards, social commendations or promotions. As the saying goes, “Virtue is a reward in itself.”
• Visionary leadership easily transcends individual personality idiosyncrasies and differences that characterize many office-related squabbling. The leader and the members have a sense of communion. The members accept each other because they are all together having the same dreams and they are all working together making those dreams come true. Each contributes his best to create the most fruitful working environment. People are not affected by petty issues because they have a big picture to look up to.
• Visionary leadership empowers all the members to be strong to face all challenges despite the odds. This is because their vision is larger than themselves. They are not working for a selfish purpose alone. They are working with a sense of mission and meaning that provides spiritual energy to everybody in the organization. Thus the morale of the group is always high as they are always ready to face problems and setbacks.